IVE’s Full Concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Don’t miss IVE’s full concert in Kuala Lumpur! Filmed from VIP seats, this captivating performance includes timestamps for different parts of the show. Experience the excitement of their 1st world tour and join the celebration of Leeseo’s birthday. The video ends with an amazing performance of “Not Your Girl.” Like, comment, and subscribe for more K-Pop concert videos from VIP seats. #IVEinKL #SHOW_WHAT_I_HAVE_IN_KL.

BORN PINK: BLACKPINK in Seoul Full Concert Day 1- World Tour Finale

Join BLACKPINK’s epic concert in Seoul and be captivated by their incredible performances and energy. From hit songs to mesmerizing solos, witness the non-stop action and pure talent of “BORN PINK: BLACKPINK in Seoul Full Concert Day 1 – World Tour Finale.” Let’s jam, dance, and sing along to this unforgettable event!