TWICE’s Killing Voice Live Performance | TT

Are you ready for an exhilarating live performance by TWICE? Get ready to be blown away by their incredible vocal skills in this video titled “TWICE’s Killing Voice Live Performance | TT.” From their debut hit “OOH-AHH하게” to their latest release “ONE SPARK,” this video showcases a range of TWICE’s popular songs, including “CHEER UP,” “TT,” “KNOCK KNOCK,” “YES or YES,” and many more. With a total of 23 songs performed live, you’ll be captivated by TWICE’s infectious energy, powerful vocals, and flawless choreography. So, sit back, relax, and immerse yourself in the world of TWICE as they deliver a mesmerizing live show that will leave you wanting more.


Welcome to this comprehensive article about TWICE’s Killing Voice live performance! In this article, we will delve into the mesmerizing power of TWICE’s voices and explore their iconic live performance of their hit song “TT.” We will also discuss other songs performed during the show, and highlight the impact of TWICE in the music industry. So sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of TWICE’s Killing Voice!

TWICE’s Killing Voice

Explanation of TWICE’s Killing Voice

TWICE, a popular South Korean girl group, is known for their captivating vocals, catchy melodies, and stunning visuals. Their Killing Voice refers to their ability to deliver powerful and emotional performances that leave a lasting impact on listeners. The members of TWICE possess unique vocal tones and ranges that blend harmoniously, creating a mesmerizing sound that captivates audiences worldwide.

What makes TWICE’s Killing Voice unique

What sets TWICE’s Killing Voice apart from other groups is their ability to convey a wide range of emotions through their singing. They have the remarkable talent to effortlessly transition between sweet and delicate tones to powerful and soulful notes, taking listeners on an emotional journey with every performance. Additionally, TWICE’s harmonization skills and synchronization during live performances showcase their unity as a group and their dedication to delivering a flawless show.

TWICEs Killing Voice Live Performance | TT

Live Performance of “TT”

Background information about the live performance of “TT”

One of TWICE’s most iconic songs, “TT,” has gained immense popularity and a special place in the hearts of fans since its release. The live performance of “TT” showcased the group’s vocal prowess, captivating choreography, and charismatic stage presence. The performance took place during a music show, where TWICE had the opportunity to showcase their talent and entertain their fans.

Description of the performance

During the live performance of “TT,” TWICE members exuded energy and confidence on stage. Their vocals were powerful, clear, and perfectly synchronized, creating a spine-chilling experience for the audience. The choreography was flawlessly executed, highlighting the group’s exceptional dance skills. TWICE’s captivating stage presence and interactions with the audience further enhanced the overall performance, leaving viewers in awe.

Audience reaction and impact

The audience’s reaction to TWICE’s live performance of “TT” was overwhelming. Fans erupted in cheers, applause, and fan chants, showing their unwavering support for the group. Social media platforms were flooded with positive comments, praising TWICE’s talent and the electrifying atmosphere created during the performance. The impact of TWICE’s live performance of “TT” was significant, solidifying their position as one of the leading girl groups in the industry and garnering even more attention and love from fans worldwide.

Other Songs in the Performance

List of other songs performed

In addition to “TT,” TWICE performed a series of their hit songs during the live performance. The list of songs performed includes:

  • OOH-AHH하게 (Like OOH-AHH)
  • Heart Shaker
  • YES or YES
  • And many more!

Overview of each song’s performance

For each song performed, TWICE showcased their versatility and ability to switch effortlessly between different concepts and musical styles. From the catchy and energetic “CHEER UP” to the sweet and charming “Heart Shaker,” TWICE captivated the audience with their charismatic performances, flawless vocals, and dynamic choreography. Each song was met with great enthusiasm from the crowd, further showcasing TWICE’s ability to engage and entertain their fans.

TWICEs Killing Voice Live Performance | TT

Video Source and Credits

Information about the video source

The live performance video of TWICE’s Killing Voice was originally posted on the YouTube channel “딩고 뮤직 / dingo music.” The video showcases the entirety of TWICE’s live performance, allowing fans and viewers to relive the magical experience and appreciate the group’s talent and stage presence.

Credits to 딩고 뮤직 / dingo music

Special thanks and credits go to the YouTube channel “딩고 뮤직 / dingo music” for providing the video footage of TWICE’s Killing Voice live performance. Their dedication to capturing and sharing remarkable performances from various artists contributes greatly to the enjoyment and appreciation of music worldwide.

Choosing Between 트와이스 킬보 and 킬링보이스

Explanation of the choice between 트와이스 킬보 and 킬링보이스

TWICE’s Killing Voice is often referred to as “트와이스 킬보” or “킬링보이스” in Korean. Both terms essentially mean the same thing and highlight TWICE’s ability to deliver captivating and outstanding vocal performances. Whether you choose to use “트와이스 킬보” or “킬링보이스,” it is simply a matter of personal preference or the term you are more familiar with.

TWICEs Killing Voice Live Performance | TT

Breakdown of the Performance

Time stamps of each song performed

To provide a comprehensive breakdown of TWICE’s Killing Voice live performance, here are the time stamps for each song performed during the show:

  • 0:00 입장 (Entrance)
  • 0:33 OOH-AHH하게 (Like OOH-AHH)
  • 02:08 CHEER UP
  • 03:28 TT
  • 04:58 KNOCK KNOCK
  • 06:11 LIKEY
  • 06:56 Heart Shaker
  • 07:45 What is Love?
  • 10:02 거북이 (Turtle)
  • 11:15 SIGNAL
  • 12:56 Dance the Night away
  • 14:17 YES or YES
  • 15:23 Feel special
  • 17:29 The Feels
  • 18:53 Alcohol-free
  • 21:47 FANCY
  • 23:15 I GOT YOU
  • 25:31 ONE SPARK ????
  • 28:37 CANDY

Highlights and notable moments

Throughout TWICE’s Killing Voice live performance, there were several standout moments and highlights worth mentioning. From the energetic and catchy choreography of “LIKEY” to the emotional ballad performance of “Feel Special,” each song brought its unique flavor to the show. Notably, the powerful vocals and synchronized dance moves during “FANCY” left a lasting impression on viewers. Additionally, the introduction of their newest song, “ONE SPARK,” showcased TWICE’s growth and continued ability to captivate their audience.

TWICE’s Impact in the Music Industry

Overview of TWICE’s success

Since their debut, TWICE has achieved remarkable success in the music industry. Their catchy and addictive songs, along with their impressive performances, have earned them a massive fanbase both in South Korea and internationally. TWICE’s albums consistently top music charts, and their music videos garner millions of views within hours of release. They have won numerous awards and accolades, solidifying their status as one of the most influential and successful girl groups in the industry.

Influence on other artists

TWICE’s success and Killing Voice have had a significant impact on other artists in the music industry. Their impeccable vocals, well-choreographed performances, and engaging stage presence have set a new standard for K-pop girl groups. Many aspiring artists look up to TWICE as a source of inspiration and strive to emulate their style, work ethic, and success. TWICE has undoubtedly paved the way for future generations of K-pop idols and continues to be an influential force in shaping the industry.

TWICEs Killing Voice Live Performance | TT


In conclusion, TWICE’s Killing Voice live performance is a testament to their exceptional talent, mesmerizing vocal abilities, and captivating stage presence. From the iconic “TT” performance to their flawless execution of various hit songs, TWICE showcased their versatility and ability to captivate audiences worldwide. With their remarkable success and influence in the music industry, TWICE continues to inspire fans and aspiring artists alike. Their Killing Voice remains a powerful force, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners. So, let’s continue to support and appreciate the extraordinary talent of TWICE as they continue to wow us with their Killing Voice.