Yeonmijeong: A Must-Visit Restaurant in Jeju Offering Delicious Abalone Dishes

If you’re planning a trip to Jeju Island, make sure to add Yeonmijeong to your must-visit list. This charming restaurant, located near the beautiful Woljeongri Beach, is known for its delicious abalone dishes. As you enter, you’ll be greeted by a striking stone wall, setting the tone for a memorable dining experience. The menu is relatively simple, featuring dishes such as abalone hot pot rice, abalone sashimi, and grilled abalone. One of the highlights is the abalone hot pot rice, which is prepared with generous amounts of abalone, rice, and yellow pumpkin. After enjoying the rice, you can add water to the pot and create a flavorful porridge. Whether you’re starting your day with a hearty breakfast or looking to satisfy your craving for abalone, Yeonmijeong is a must-visit restaurant in Jeju.

Yeonmijeong: A Must-Visit Restaurant in Jeju Offering Delicious Abalone Dishes

About Yeonmijeong

Yeonmijeong is a renowned restaurant located near the Woljeongri Beach in Sehwa Minfolk Village. The restaurant has a charming ambiance with a large stone gate at the entrance, giving it a traditional and rustic feel. Yeonmijeong specializes in abalone dishes and offers a menu that is relatively simple yet delicious. The restaurant is famous for its signature dish, the Abalone Gaemator Bab, which is a rice dish cooked in a clay pot with abalone and yellow pumpkin. Other popular dishes include Abalone Gui, Abalone Juk, and Abalone Hoe. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or a taste of authentic Jeju cuisine, Yeonmijeong is the place to go.

The Famous Abalone Dishes

Yeonmijeong is renowned for its delectable abalone dishes. The restaurant offers a variety of dishes that showcase the unique flavors and textures of the abalone.

Abalone Gaemator Bab

The Abalone Gaemator Bab is Yeonmijeong’s signature dish. It is a delicious rice dish cooked in a clay pot with abalone, abalone innards, and yellow pumpkin. The combination of the tender abalone, flavorful innards, and sweet pumpkin creates a harmonious and satisfying dish. The rice is cooked to perfection, absorbing all the flavors of the ingredients. This dish is a must-try for any abalone lover.

Abalone Gui

Another popular dish at Yeonmijeong is the Abalone Gui. The abalone is grilled to perfection, resulting in a flavorful and slightly chewy texture. The natural flavor of the abalone shines through, making it a delightful dish for seafood enthusiasts. The restaurant uses fresh and high-quality abalone, ensuring that each bite is packed with succulent flavors.

Abalone Juk

For those looking for a comforting and nourishing meal, the Abalone Juk is an excellent choice. This traditional Korean porridge is made with abalone, rice, and various seasonings. The abalone adds a rich and umami flavor to the juk, making it a comforting and satisfying dish. The creamy texture of the porridge is perfect for warming up on a chilly day.

Abalone Hoe

If you prefer your abalone raw, the Abalone Hoe is the dish for you. The fresh abalone is thinly sliced and served raw, allowing you to savor the natural flavors and delicate texture of the abalone. The dish is often accompanied by a flavorful dipping sauce, enhancing the overall taste experience. The Abalone Hoe at Yeonmijeong is known for its freshness and quality, making it a favorite among seafood lovers.

Yeonmijeong: A Must-Visit Restaurant in Jeju Offering Delicious Abalone Dishes

Location and Contact Information

Yeonmijeong is located in Sehwa Minfolk Village, near Woljeongri Beach in Jeju. The exact address is 3648-4, Sewha-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. If you have any inquiries or wish to make a reservation, you can contact the restaurant at 064-784-8856.

Operating Hours

Yeonmijeong operates from Tuesday to Sunday, with different operating hours depending on the day.

Weekday Hours

From Tuesday to Thursday, the restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM and for dinner from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Weekend Hours

On Friday and Saturday, Yeonmijeong is open for lunch from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM and for dinner from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM.

Holiday Hours

On Sundays and public holidays, the restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM and for dinner from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Please note that the restaurant is closed every Monday.

Yeonmijeong: A Must-Visit Restaurant in Jeju Offering Delicious Abalone Dishes

Customer Reviews

Yeonmijeong has received numerous positive reviews from customers who have visited the restaurant. Here are some highlights:

Positive Reviews

  • “I had the Abalone Gaemator Bab and it was absolutely delicious! The combination of flavors was amazing and the abalone was cooked to perfection.” – John D.

  • “The Abalone Gui was the best I’ve ever had. The abalone had a smoky flavor from the grill and was incredibly tender. I will definitely be coming back.” – Sarah L.

  • “The Abalone Juk was so comforting and flavorful. It was the perfect dish for a chilly day. Highly recommended!” – Michael S.


  • “If you’re visiting Yeonmijeong, make sure to try the Abalone Hoe. The freshness of the abalone is unmatched and the flavors are out of this world. Don’t miss it!” – Emily T.

  • “I would highly recommend making a reservation, especially on weekends. The restaurant can get quite busy, and having a reservation ensures you won’t have to wait long.” – Jessica B.

Negative Reviews

While the majority of customers had a positive experience at Yeonmijeong, there were a few negative reviews:

  • “I was disappointed with the portion size of the Abalone Gaemator Bab. It was quite small for the price, and I left the restaurant still feeling hungry.” – Mark R.

  • “The service was slow, and it took a long time for our food to arrive. The flavors were good, but the overall experience was marred by the slow service.” – Rachel C.

Despite the few negative reviews, Yeonmijeong continues to be a popular choice for locals and tourists alike.

Getting There

Yeonmijeong is easily accessible by both car and public transportation.

By Car

If you are traveling by car, you can follow the address provided and use GPS or a navigation app for the most accurate directions. The restaurant has parking available for customers.

By Public Transportation

If you prefer to use public transportation, you can take a bus to Woljeong-ri bus stop. From there, it is a short walk to Yeonmijeong. You can check the bus schedule and routes at the local transportation website or inquire at the nearby tourist information center.

Yeonmijeong: A Must-Visit Restaurant in Jeju Offering Delicious Abalone Dishes

Nearby Attractions

While visiting Yeonmijeong, there are several nearby attractions that you can explore to enhance your Jeju experience.

Sewha Minfolk Village

Sewha Minfolk Village is a traditional village located near Yeonmijeong. It offers a glimpse into the rich culture and history of Jeju Island. You can visit traditional houses, try local snacks, and even participate in various cultural activities. It’s a great place to immerse yourself in Jeju’s fascinating heritage.

Woljeongri Beach

Woljeongri Beach is known for its picturesque coastline, clear waters, and pristine sandy beaches. It’s a popular destination for both locals and tourists looking to relax, swim, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Take a leisurely stroll along the beach, soak up the sun, or try some water activities. Woljeongri Beach is a must-visit attraction near Yeonmijeong.

Tips for Visiting

To make the most of your visit to Yeonmijeong, here are some helpful tips:


Yeonmijeong can get quite busy, especially during peak hours and weekends. It is recommended to make a reservation in advance to secure a table. This way, you can avoid waiting and ensure that you will have a table ready upon arrival.

Payment Options

Yeonmijeong accepts various payment options, including cash and major credit cards. It is always a good idea to carry some cash with you, especially if you prefer to pay in cash or if the restaurant has a minimum card payment requirement.

Yeonmijeong: A Must-Visit Restaurant in Jeju Offering Delicious Abalone Dishes

Promotions and Discounts

Yeonmijeong occasionally offers promotions and discounts to customers. Some of the promotions include lunch specials and group discounts. It is worth checking their website or social media platforms for any ongoing promotions before your visit.


Overall, Yeonmijeong is a delightful restaurant that specializes in abalone dishes. The ambiance is charming, the menu offers a variety of options, and the signature dishes are a testament to the restaurant’s culinary expertise. Whether you’re a fan of abalone or simply looking to try authentic Jeju cuisine, Yeonmijeong is a must-visit destination. From the mouthwatering Abalone Gaemator Bab to the fresh and delicate Abalone Hoe, each dish is crafted with care and skill. Make sure to visit Yeonmijeong during your trip to Jeju and indulge in a memorable dining experience.