What Japanese People Really Think About Korea?

In the article, “What Japanese People Really Think About Korea?” by Dari Japan, the author explores the opinions of Japanese people towards Korea. Through interviews with Japanese individuals, the article aims to provide insights into their impressions and perceptions of Korean culture. The author also touches on the popularity of K-pop, the influence of Korean beauty standards, and the complexities of intercultural relationships. Overall, the article offers a friendly and informative perspective on the topic.

What Japanese People Really Think About Korea?

Impressions of Korea

Positive impressions about Korea

When it comes to Japan, you’ll find varied opinions about Korea among the Japanese people. However, generally speaking, there are several positive impressions that people have about Korea. One of the main reasons for these positive impressions is the love for Korean food. Many Japanese people find Korean cuisine to be delicious and enjoyable. From the famous bibimbap to the spicy kimchi, Japanese people appreciate the flavors and unique ingredients that Korean dishes offer.

Another aspect that contributes to the positive impression of Korea is the popularity of K-pop. K-pop has gained a massive following in Japan, and many Japanese people have become fans of Korean idol groups and solo artists. The catchy music, impressive choreography, and appealing visuals have captivated the hearts of many Japanese fans. K-pop has become a significant cultural influence, making Korean entertainment a part of the daily lives of Japanese people.

Love for Korean food and K-pop

Korean food has become a favorite among Japanese people, with many Japanese restaurants offering Korean dishes on their menus. From Korean barbecue to spicy tteokbokki, Japanese people appreciate the variety and flavors that Korean cuisine offers. The popularity of Korean food can be seen in the number of Korean food stalls and restaurants that have opened up in Japan. These establishments attract both Korean and Japanese customers, showcasing the cross-cultural appreciation for Korean food.

Similarly, K-pop has had a significant impact on Japanese popular culture. Korean idol groups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE have gained immense popularity in Japan, with their music topping charts and their concerts selling out quickly. Many Japanese fans follow the activities of these idol groups closely, supporting them both in Japan and in Korea. K-pop has not only introduced Japanese fans to Korean music but has also sparked an interest in Korean culture as a whole.

Influence of K-pop and Korean beauty standards

K-pop has not only influenced the music industry but has also had an impact on societal beauty standards in Japan. The concept of the “Korean-style beauty” has gained popularity, with Japanese people seeking to emulate the flawless skin, well-defined features, and fashionable style of Korean idols. The use of Korean skincare products, makeup techniques, and hairstyles has become increasingly common among Japanese youth.

Korean beauty standards, which emphasize fair and clear skin, slim figures, and youthful appearances, have influenced Japanese fashion trends and beauty standards. Skincare routines that involve multiple steps, the use of sheet masks, and products containing ingredients like snail mucin and propolis have become popular in Japan. Japanese beauty enthusiasts are also interested in learning Korean makeup techniques, such as gradient lips and straight brows, to achieve the desired Korean-inspired look.

Personal Experiences

Interactions with Koreans at work and in daily life

In Japan, many people have opportunities to interact with Koreans both in their workplaces and in their daily lives. Whether it’s through business partnerships, cultural exchanges, or personal relationships, these interactions have played a significant role in shaping the perceptions and experiences of Japanese people with Koreans.

In the workplace, Japanese people have had positive experiences working with Korean colleagues. The collaboration between Japanese and Korean professionals has facilitated the exchange of knowledge and skills, contributing to the success of various projects. Japanese people appreciate the diligence and expertise of their Korean counterparts, which has fostered a sense of mutual respect and camaraderie.

Similar positive experiences can be seen in daily life interactions between Japanese and Koreans. Many Japanese people have encountered Korean tourists, students, and residents in their neighborhoods, schools, and social circles. These interactions have allowed for cultural exchange, friendship, and learning opportunities. Japanese people have found Koreans to be friendly, polite, and respectful, leaving a lasting positive impression.

Positive experiences and perceptions

Through personal experiences and interactions, many Japanese people have formed positive impressions and perceptions of Koreans. They have come to admire Korean culture, including its traditional art forms, such as hanbok and traditional music. Korean films, dramas, and variety shows have also gained popularity in Japan, further enhancing the positive image of Korea.

Additionally, Japanese people have been exposed to the charm and talent of Korean entertainers through various media platforms. The success of Korean actors and actresses in Japanese dramas and films has gained attention and admiration. Their performances have resonated with Japanese audiences and led to increased interest in Korean entertainment.

What Japanese People Really Think About Korea?

Future Expectations

Hopes for improved relations between Japan and Korea

Though there have been historical and political tensions between Japan and Korea, many Japanese people express hopes for improved relations and strengthened ties between the two countries. They recognize the importance of friendly and respectful diplomatic relationships for regional stability and economic cooperation.

Japanese people believe that dialogue and understanding are essential for resolving differences and building bridges between the two nations. They hope for mutual respect, cultural exchange, and collaboration in various fields such as technology, arts, tourism, and sports. Japanese people understand that the harmony and coexistence of Japan and Korea can bring benefits not only to the two countries but also to the entire region.

Importance of understanding, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence

Japanese people emphasize the importance of understanding, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence between Japan and Korea. They recognize the rich historical and cultural heritage of both nations and value the contributions each has made to the world. By fostering mutual understanding and respect, Japanese people believe that the two countries can overcome differences and build stronger relationships based on trust and cooperation.

Through cultural exchanges, educational programs, and people-to-people connections, Japanese people seek to deepen their understanding of Korean history, culture, and society. They believe that increased knowledge and empathy will contribute to the promotion of peace, friendship, and shared prosperity between Japan and Korea.

What Japanese People Really Think About Korea?


Overall, Japanese people hold varied opinions about Korea, but there is a general positive view of the country. The love for Korean food and K-pop has played a significant role in shaping these impressions. Japanese people appreciate the unique flavors and appeal of Korean cuisine, and K-pop has captured their hearts with its catchy music and mesmerizing performances.

Personal experiences and interactions with Koreans at work and in daily life have also contributed to the positive perceptions of Korea. Japanese people have had positive experiences collaborating with Korean colleagues and have found Koreans to be friendly and respectful in their daily interactions.

Looking towards the future, Japanese people hope for improved relations between Japan and Korea, emphasizing the importance of understanding, cooperation, and peaceful coexistence. They believe that cultural and economic ties between the two countries will continue to grow, enhancing mutual understanding and friendship. With continued efforts in diplomacy, cultural exchange, and dialogue, Japan and Korea can further strengthen their relationship and contribute to peace and prosperity in the region.

What Japanese People Really Think About Korea?