Walking the Beautiful Dulle-gil Trail with Someone Special

Are you ready to embark on a beautiful journey along the Dulle-gil Trail? Known for its breathtaking scenery, the Dulle-gil Trail is even more enjoyable when you have someone special by your side. Starting from the stunning Hwanggan Wolryubong area, this trail takes you on a 4.8km loop (16.8km round trip) to the Ban-ya-sa temple, offering picturesque views that will leave you in awe. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or a beginner, this trail is carefully designed to ensure your safety and enjoyment. So, grab your hiking gear and get ready for a memorable adventure!

I. Trail Characteristics

1. Description of the trail

The Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail is a beautiful and scenic hiking route located in Yeongdong, Chungcheongbuk-do. It offers breathtaking views of the countryside and is known for its charming village scenery. The trail is surrounded by lush greenery, tranquil streams, and bamboo forests, creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere for hikers.

2. Length and difficulty

The Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail is approximately 4.8 kilometers long, making it a manageable hike for beginners and experienced hikers alike. The trail is well-marked and maintained, with mild inclines and easy-to-navigate paths. It is rated as a moderately easy trail, suitable for all fitness levels.

3. Safety precautions

While the Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail is a relatively safe hiking route, it is important to take some safety precautions. Make sure to wear appropriate hiking shoes and clothing, carry enough water and snacks, and bring a hat and sunscreen for sun protection. It is also advisable to hike with a companion for added safety, especially in case of emergencies.

II. Trail Information

1. Date of the hike

The hike was conducted on April 26, 2024.

2. Route of the hike

The hike started at Wollyubong Square and followed the route along the stream, through the forest paths, across the suspension bridge, and into the bamboo forest. It continued to the viewpoint, crossed the stone bridge, and explored the village area before reaching Banryu Temple.

3. Total distance and duration

The total distance of the hike is 16.8 kilometers, with a one-way distance of 8.4 kilometers. The hike took approximately 5 hours and 46 minutes to complete, including 3 hours and 3 minutes for the outbound journey and 1 hour and 46 minutes for the return journey.

4. Restroom facilities

Restroom facilities are available at Wollyubong Square, at two locations along the trail, and at Banryu Temple.

5. Entrance fee

There is no entrance fee for hiking the Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail.

Walking the Beautiful Dulle-gil Trail with Someone Special

III. Parking Information

1. Location of the parking lot

The parking lot is located at Wollyubong Square.

2. Parking fees

There are no parking fees at Wollyubong Square.

IV. Highlights of the Trail

1. Beautiful views of the countryside

The Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside, with rolling hills, expansive fields, and picturesque landscapes. Hikers can enjoy the beauty of nature and immerse themselves in the serene atmosphere of the trail.

2. Charming village scenery

As hikers walk along the trail, they will encounter charming village scenes, with traditional houses, quaint streets, and blooming flowers. The village area provides a glimpse into the local culture and adds a touch of authenticity to the hiking experience.

3. Tranquil sounds of nature

Throughout the trail, hikers will be serenaded by the peaceful sounds of nature. The gentle flow of streams, the rustling of leaves, and the melodic songs of birds create a soothing and calming ambiance, allowing hikers to connect with the natural environment.

Walking the Beautiful Dulle-gil Trail with Someone Special

V. Walking Through the Trail

1. Starting at Wollyubong Square

The hike begins at Wollyubong Square, where hikers can park their vehicles and prepare for their journey. The square offers a starting point with information about the trail and facilities such as restrooms.

2. Walking along the stream

From Wollyubong Square, hikers will follow the trail along the stream, enjoying the peaceful flow of water and the lush surroundings. This section provides a tranquil and serene atmosphere, perfect for immersing oneself in nature.

3. Enjoying the forest paths

As hikers continue along the trail, they will venture into the forest, walking along well-maintained paths surrounded by tall trees and green vegetation. The forest offers shade and a refreshing atmosphere, providing a pleasant hiking experience.

4. Crossing the suspension bridge

One of the highlights of the trail is crossing a suspension bridge, which offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The bridge is sturdy and secure, allowing hikers to safely cross while admiring the beauty of the area.

5. Exploring the bamboo forest

After crossing the suspension bridge, hikers will enter a bamboo forest. The forest provides a unique and immersive experience, with tall bamboo stalks creating a serene and peaceful ambiance. Hikers can enjoy the beauty of this natural setting and the tranquility it offers.

6. Taking a break at the viewpoint

The trail includes a viewpoint where hikers can take a well-deserved break and soak in the breathtaking panoramic views of the countryside. This is a perfect spot to rest, take photos, and appreciate the natural beauty surrounding the area.

7. Crossing the stone bridge

Continuing along the trail, hikers will come across a stone bridge that leads to the village area. The bridge adds a touch of charm to the hiking experience and offers a vantage point to enjoy the scenic landscapes.

8. Visiting the village area

The village area provides a unique cultural experience, with traditional houses, local shops, and vibrant gardens. Hikers can explore the village, interact with the locals, and learn about the rich history and heritage of the area.

9. Observing the scenic landscapes

Throughout the trail, hikers will be treated to magnificent scenic landscapes, including rolling hills, verdant fields, and panoramic views of nature. Take the time to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings and capture memorable moments.

VI. Reaching Banryu Temple

1. Climbing the stone steps

To reach Banryu Temple, hikers will need to climb a flight of stone steps. The steps may be steep in some sections but offer a rewarding ascent to reach the temple grounds.

2. Admiring the views along the way

As hikers climb the stone steps, they will have opportunities to pause and admire the breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Take in the panoramic vistas and appreciate the natural beauty of the area.

3. Exploring Banryu Temple grounds

Upon reaching Banryu Temple, hikers can explore the temple grounds and immerse themselves in the tranquil atmosphere. Admire the traditional architecture, visit the various halls and pagodas, and experience a sense of peace and serenity.

4. Taking a rest at the viewpoint

Banryu Temple offers a viewpoint where hikers can rest and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and landscapes. Take a moment to relax, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of the area before continuing the journey.

Walking the Beautiful Dulle-gil Trail with Someone Special

VII. Returning to Wollyubong Square

1. Descending the trail

After visiting Banryu Temple, hikers will start their descent back to Wollyubong Square. Follow the trail in reverse, taking the same route to ensure a safe return.

2. Enjoying the views on the way back

While retracing the trail, hikers can take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the scenic views once again. The return journey offers a different perspective, allowing hikers to appreciate the beauty of the surroundings from a new angle.

3. Reaching the parking lot

At the end of the hike, hikers will arrive back at Wollyubong Square, where the parking lot is located. Take a moment to rest, reflect on the journey, and prepare for the next adventure.

VIII. Walking Experience

1. The joys of walking with someone special

Walking the Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail is a wonderful experience, especially when shared with someone special. The tranquil surroundings, beautiful scenery, and peaceful atmosphere create the perfect setting for meaningful conversations and lasting memories.

2. Embracing the beauty of nature

The Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail allows hikers to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. From the breathtaking countryside views to the serene sounds of flowing streams and singing birds, this trail provides a chance to reconnect with the natural world and appreciate its wonders.

3. Reflecting on the peaceful moments

The Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail offers moments of tranquility and serenity, allowing hikers to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. As you walk through the trail, take the time to reflect, appreciate the peacefulness, and find inner peace amidst the beauty of nature.

Walking the Beautiful Dulle-gil Trail with Someone Special

IX. Conclusion

1. Summary of the trail

The Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail is a picturesque hiking route that offers breathtaking views of the countryside, charming village scenery, and a tranquil atmosphere. With a total distance of 16.8 kilometers (8.4 kilometers one way) and a moderate difficulty level, the trail provides an enjoyable experience for hikers of all levels.

2. Recommendations for future hikers

For those planning to hike the Hwanggan Wollyubong Trail, it is recommended to start early in the morning to enjoy the cool weather and avoid the midday heat. Wear comfortable hiking gear, bring plenty of water and snacks, and hike with a companion for added safety. Take the time to appreciate the natural beauty, pause at viewpoints, and embrace the peaceful moments along the trail. Enjoy your hike and create unforgettable memories in this beautiful corner of Yeongdong.