[LOUD: 라우드] 4편 ‘오디션 명가 SBS K팝스타 시즌5 레전드 무대 리플레이’ / ‘LOUD’ | SBS NOW

In the video titled “[LOUD: 라우드] 4편 ‘오디션 명가 SBS K팝스타 시즌5 레전드 무대 리플레이’ / ‘LOUD’ | SBS NOW” uploaded by SBS NOW on their official channel, you can relive the legendary audition stages from the popular K-pop competition show, K-pop Star Season 5. This episode of [LOUD: 라우드] showcases the iconic performances from the auditions, featuring talented boy groups who participated in the project. The video promises to take you on a journey back to these memorable moments and is a must-watch for fans of K-pop and aspiring idols. You can find this video on SBS NOW’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts. So, get ready to be captivated by these incredible performances and experience the thrill of K-pop auditions once again!

In this unique video, you will listen to a mix of Korean and English words as several performances are showcased. The video features various boy groups showcasing their talent and passion on stage. Throughout the video, you can witness the impressive vocals and stage presence of these aspiring idols. Whether you are a K-pop enthusiast or simply looking for captivating performances, this video is sure to leave you in awe. Get ready to dive into the world of K-pop auditions and be inspired by the dedication and talent of these young artists. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy the electrifying performances in “[LOUD: 라우드] 4편 ‘오디션 명가 SBS K팝스타 시즌5 레전드 무대 리플레이’ / ‘LOUD’ | SBS NOW” by SBS NOW on their official channel.


Welcome to this comprehensive article about the video “LOUD: 라우드.” In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about this video, including the title, channel, description, release date, and content. We will also review and share our impressions of the video, highlighting outstanding performances and noteworthy auditions. So sit back, relax, and enjoy reading!

About the Video


The video is titled “LOUD: 라우드.” This title represents the concept and theme of the video, which focuses on showcasing the performances of talented individuals and groups in the K-pop industry.


The video is uploaded by SBS NOW, the official channel of SBS. SBS is a well-known broadcasting network in South Korea that offers a wide range of entertainment programs, including K-pop.


The video is a replay of the legendary audition stages from Season 5 of the popular Korean talent show, SBS K팝스타 (K-pop Star). It features performances from aspiring boy groups who participated in the show’s boy group project called “LOUD.”

[LOUD: 라우드] 4편 오디션 명가 SBS K팝스타 시즌5 레전드 무대 리플레이 / LOUD | SBS NOW

Background Information

LOUD: 라우드

LOUD is a boy group project that was part of Season 5 of SBS K팝스타. It aimed to discover and train talented individuals who aspire to become part of a successful boy group in the K-pop industry.

SBS K팝스타 시즌5

SBS K팝스타, also known as K-pop Star, is a popular Korean talent show that focuses on discovering and nurturing talented individuals in the field of music and entertainment. Season 5 of the show was where the LOUD boy group project was introduced.

보이그룹 프로젝트

The LOUD project within SBS K팝스타 Season 5 focused specifically on the creation and development of a boy group. The project aimed to identify individuals with the potential to become successful members of a boy group and provide them with training and opportunities to showcase their talents.

Video Release


The video was released on [insert date here]. It is available for viewers to watch at any time.


The video does not specify a specific time of release as it can be viewed at the viewer’s convenience.

First Broadcast

The video was initially broadcasted on SBS, a South Korean broadcasting network, as part of the K팝스타 Season 5 program. The original broadcast allowed viewers to witness the auditions and performances live.

[LOUD: 라우드] 4편 오디션 명가 SBS K팝스타 시즌5 레전드 무대 리플레이 / LOUD | SBS NOW

Video Platform


The video is available to watch on SBS NOW’s official Facebook page. Facebook provides a convenient platform for viewers to access and watch videos without the need for additional software or subscriptions.


The video is also available on SBS NOW’s official Instagram page. Instagram is a popular social media platform that allows users to share and watch videos. Viewers can easily access the video by visiting SBS NOW’s Instagram page.

Content of the Video

The video consists of performance replays, auditions, and legendary stages from Season 5 of SBS K팝스타’s LOUD boy group project. It showcases the talents of aspiring boy group members and highlights their skills, passion, and potential in the K-pop industry.

Performance Replays

The video includes replays of various performances from the LOUD project. These performances showcase the vocal, dance, and overall stage presence of the participants. Viewers can enjoy watching the energetic and captivating performances of the aspiring boy group members.


The video features auditions of the participants who wanted to join the LOUD boy group project. These auditions provide an insight into the talents and potential of the individuals as they showcase their skills and abilities in front of a panel of judges.

Legendary Stages

The video also includes legendary stages from the LOUD project. These stages represent the highlights of the participants’ journey throughout the competition. The performances on these stages are memorable, powerful, and captivating, leaving a lasting impression on both the judges and the viewers.

[LOUD: 라우드] 4편 오디션 명가 SBS K팝스타 시즌5 레전드 무대 리플레이 / LOUD | SBS NOW

Review and Impressions

Initial Reactions

Upon watching the video, our initial reactions were filled with excitement and anticipation. The performances displayed a high level of talent, passion, and professionalism. We were impressed by the participants’ stage presence, vocal abilities, and dance skills.

Performance Evaluation

The performances in the video were evaluated based on various factors, including vocal technique, dance synchronization, stage presence, and overall impact. The participants showcased their unique styles and abilities, and their performances left a lasting impression.


Outstanding Performances

Throughout the video, there were numerous outstanding performances that caught our attention. The participants showcased their vocal abilities, dance skills, and stage presence, leaving a lasting impact on the viewers. These outstanding performances demonstrated the participants’ dedication and talent in the K-pop industry.

Noteworthy Auditions

The auditions featured in the video were also noteworthy. The participants displayed their potential and unique qualities through their audition performances. These auditions served as a platform for the participants to showcase their skills and prove their worth in the LOUD boy group project.

[LOUD: 라우드] 4편 오디션 명가 SBS K팝스타 시즌5 레전드 무대 리플레이 / LOUD | SBS NOW

Memorable Moments

Emotional Performances

There were several emotional performances in the video that touched our hearts. The participants successfully conveyed their emotions through their singing, allowing viewers to feel their passion, joy, and sometimes even sadness. These emotional performances left a lasting impression and added depth to the overall video.

Powerful Vocals

The video featured powerful vocal performances that showcased the participants’ range, control, and unique tones. The participants captivated the audience with their strong vocals, leaving a lasting impression and highlighting their potential as future boy group members.


Overall, the video “LOUD: 라우드” provides an exciting and captivating glimpse into the world of K-pop and the journey of aspiring boy group members. The performances, auditions, and legendary stages showcased the talents and potential of the participants. The video left a lasting impression with its outstanding performances, emotional moments, and powerful vocals. We highly recommend watching this video for an enjoyable and immersive experience in the K-pop industry.

Please note that this article is a comprehensive review and summary of the video “LOUD: 라우드.” It aims to provide an informative and engaging overview of the video’s content and highlights.

[LOUD: 라우드] 4편 오디션 명가 SBS K팝스타 시즌5 레전드 무대 리플레이 / LOUD | SBS NOW