Hot New Travel Destinations in Jeju Island

Looking for some hot new travel destinations in Jeju Island? Look no further! In this article, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the latest and greatest places to visit on this beautiful island. From Lunafall, a stunning night theme park, to the enchanting East Songdang Fairy Tale Village, and the lively Arboretum Road Night Market, Jeju Island has it all. We’ll also explore the Mongtan Jeju Branch, London Bagel Museum Jeju Branch, Fritz Jeju Seongsan Branch, Terrarosa Coffee Jungmun Eco Lounge DT Branch, and Abebe Bakery. So get ready to discover the hottest spots in Jeju Island and start planning your next adventure!

Are you aware that Jeju Island has the highest number of coffee shops per capita in the country, surpassing all major metropolitan areas? It’s no wonder with the influx of tourists flooding the island that new travel destinations, cafes, and restaurants are constantly popping up. Undoubtedly, Jeju Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea. In this article, we’ll introduce a series of hot new travel destinations in Jeju Island, as well as the latest trending spots on social media. So, if you subscribe to “Salanda,” you can personally experience and gain more valuable travel information, so be sure to hit that “subscribe,” “like,” and “notification bell.” Let’s get started with a night filled with exploring Jeju Island, shall we?

Hot New Travel Destinations in Jeju Island


Lunafall is a famous tourist destination that opened in the summer of 2022. It is considered not only the largest but also the world’s largest nighttime digital theme park, covering an area of 120,000 pyeong. The park opens at sunset and is open 24 hours a day until midnight. It was the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The park was planned by a company that fully utilizes the natural beauty of Jeju Island, as well as media art, holography, mist, and light decorations. It is the perfect place to appreciate the charm of Jeju Island at night, with its theme centered around the story and wishes of the moon. The park is decorated in a mysterious and dreamy atmosphere, with eye-catching colors and a romantic ambiance that makes you forget about time. After spending an hour and thirty minutes here, you will realize that every corner is picture-perfect, but the star attraction of Lunafall is the supermoon, which is breathtaking in size. What makes it special is that you can take silhouette photos with the supermoon as the background, leaving you with unique and beautiful memories. You can also purchase a prop called a wishing ball at the entrance, although even without it, the space is enjoyable enough. There are points throughout the park where you can insert the wishing ball, allowing you to participate and experience it firsthand.

East Songdang Fairy Tale Village

The East Songdang Fairy Tale Village is a highly popular new tourist destination in Jeju Island that officially opened on October 12, 2023. It spans an area of approximately 40,000 pyeong and is designed as a free open park with the goal of becoming the most Jeju-like park in Jeju Island. The park has gained popularity due to the opening of the largest Starbucks in Korea, which has 340 seats. You can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Jeju Island, such as Hanra Mountain and Stone Park, in the spacious and comfortable space. The park is filled with various attractions related to Jeju Island, decorated according to different themes, especially showcasing the seasonal flowers and plants that represent Jeju Island, allowing you to experience the charm of Jeju Island in every season. Historical relics such as Jeju’s unique dolharubang, bronze statues, and 600-year-old trees create a mysterious atmosphere as you stroll along the trails where nature and culture intertwine. From the Mini Hanra Mountain Observatory, you can see the wide park at a glance, and even the distant Hanra Mountain, so it is worth climbing the stone steps. Additionally, there is a large supermarket in the Jeju-style tourist market where you can buy various items, including souvenirs and local products produced by Jeju Island companies. In the meat shops where you can purchase Jeju black pork, you can not only buy meat but also barbecue it in the neighboring restaurant. Please note that we visited the East Songdang Fairy Tale Village on its official opening day and saw some areas that were still under construction. However, there are still plenty of things to enjoy, and it is a hot new tourist destination that you can enjoy for free, so I recommend including it in your itinerary if you plan to travel to the eastern part of Jeju Island.

Arboretum Road Night Market

In the limited available places on Jeju Island, there is a night market in a forest where you can enjoy a romantic evening atmosphere. It is the Arboretum Road Night Market, located in the oldest and largest pine tree grove on Jeju Island. The market sells unique food carts and adorable props, including Jeju Island cuisine, and offers activities such as shooting balloons and playing darts. Unlike other crowded night markets, this market is the first natural form night market in a 4,000 pyeong pine grove in Korea. The entire pine grove has spaces for resting and dining, making it a great place to stroll around. Initially, it was opened as a temporary project, but it has gained popularity as a hot spot in Jeju Island. It now opens permanently every evening at 6 p.m. and closes at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. It is recommended as a place to create fond memories of a romantic evening in Jeju Island.

Mongtan Jeju Branch

One of Seoul’s top three famous meat restaurants, Mongtan, has opened a branch in Jeju Island. Mongtan is well-known in Seoul for its delicious meat and long waiting times, but you can enjoy it without waiting by making an advance reservation through the Catch Table application. The Mongtan Jeju Branch is located near the romantic Jeju Beach. When you enter this uniquely designed building, you will feel a sense of enjoyment as if entering a cave of another era. Before experiencing the pleasure of tasting the meat, the unique atmosphere of the space enhances the visual experience. You can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Mongolia, including the menu, and you will be greeted with carefully prepared side dishes and the meat you ordered. One of Mongolia’s representative menus is the Five Big Ribs, Straw-grilled pork belly, and Jangjorim (braised beef in soy sauce). The Five Big Ribs are all cooked on charcoal using unglazed straw, and the staff cook all the meat to perfection, so you only need to enjoy the taste comfortably. While grilling, I ordered the various menu items. They also kindly explained the characteristics of the representative menu of Mongtan, the “Five Big Ribs,” which is characterized by a subtle smokiness permeating the meat. The “Gold Ribs,” considered the most delicious among beef short ribs, are marinated in sweet soy sauce and then grilled over the straw, which does not affect their tenderness, and they taste great even without dipping sauce. As for the side dishes, the combination of slightly frozen fresh radish vegetables best reflects the uniqueness of Mongtan and enhances the distinctive flavor. The ribs become even more delicious, and after finishing the meat, they separate the meat from the bones and grill them separately. This part also has a different texture and taste, and the straw-grilled pork belly tastes better with various sauces. Especially, the doenjang-jjigae (soybean paste stew) is thick and rich, similar to a clear soup sauce, and the ingredients are also abundant. It feels like you could have a whole meal just with this alone. The taste is amazing. If you visit the Mongtan Jeju Branch, it is highly recommended to make an advance reservation through the Catch Table application, even a week in advance or on the day of your visit. It is very popular, so I suggest making a reservation in advance if you plan to visit.

Hot New Travel Destinations in Jeju Island

London Bagel Museum Jeju Branch

Known as Seoul’s little London, the London Bagel Museum is an open bakery restaurant that is considered representative of SNS-worthy pictures. In addition to its three branches in Seoul, it opened its first branch in Jeju Island in April 2023. The branch immediately gained attention with its interior design resembling London and its proximity to Jeju Beach, which emphasizes the atmosphere even more. The ambiance is fantastic, and the bagels are delicious. They have a great texture and are full of flavor. While some shops allow you to eat while overlooking Jeju Beach, you can also order takeaway and enjoy these hot and spicy London bagels without waiting. By making a remote queue reservation through the Catch Table application and arriving at the estimated entry time, you can check the waiting time and minimize it. We also made a remote queue reservation before moving and setting off, so we only had to wait for about 10 minutes at the door before entering. We recommend taking a photo to prove your trip to beautiful Jeju Island, holding a delicious London bagel, and enjoying the scenery of the nearby beach.

Fritz Jeju Seongsan Branch

Fritz and Terarosa are representative brands loved by the people of Jeju Island among the leading coffee brands in Korea. At the Fritz Jeju Seongsan Branch, which opened on June 23 at Seongsan, you can find both of these brands. It is not only a coffee restaurant but also a restaurant where you can enjoy the view of Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Since its opening, it has received a warm response. You can enjoy the expansive view of the sea of Jeju Island and even the magnificent view of Seongsan Sunrise Peak on the rooftop of the second floor, which has been transformed into a retro atmosphere with renovated old houses. Just like Fritz is famous for its delicious bakery, there are various types of bakeries here that will catch your eyes and nose. Moreover, there are many cute Fritz merchandise, so there are many things to see. You can feel the retro Korean atmosphere of Fritz throughout the store, and the spacious interior has plenty of comfortable seats where you can feel the scenery and atmosphere of Jeju Island from any seat. It is highly recommended as a place to enjoy the pleasure of food.

Hot New Travel Destinations in Jeju Island

Terrarosa Coffee Jungmun Eco Lounge DT Branch

Terrarosa has two branches on Jeju Island, and I will introduce the newly opened Terrarosa Coffee Jungmun Eco Lounge branch. It is particularly famous for its unique and magnificent exterior. You enter through the gaps in the exposed concrete walls, and what catches your eye is the entrance of the café and a short walkway. Once inside the café, the space is bright due to the high ceiling. It is a wonderful space that gives you a feeling of being in an art gallery. The first floor is adorned with colorful paintings on the walls, and the second floor is a shop with beautifully displayed art books that are pleasing to the eyes, and through the large windows, you can see the Jeju Island’s nature, filled with the fragrant aroma of coffee. It is a space where art and coffee come together to create another masterpiece. In this beautiful building, you can not only find a café but also an electric vehicle charging station. Terra Rosa is located here because it is the first store in the country to introduce Drive-Thru. It is also recommended to take a stroll around the popular Dongmun Market entrance near Jeju Airport, where you can find Abebe Bakery, a local Jeju Island bakery with a unique high furnace. It is a hot spot in the hot spots and is well-known for its wide variety of bread. However, the signature menu item is the cream-filled donut, which is evident from its Jeju Island-style name. The menu features various Jeju Island specialties, and the prices range from 2,000 won to 3,000 won, allowing you to enjoy them without breaking the bank. If you purchase multiple items separately, they can be packed in a beautiful box, so many people buy a large quantity as Jeju Island souvenirs or gifts. There is also a dining space in the store, but we did not dine in, so we packed the bread to taste later. Let me introduce some representative and recommended menu items. Firstly, Abebe’s signature menu item, the Neapoli Cream Donut. It is a chewy bread filled with a creamy peanut butter flavor that melts in your mouth. Additionally, the cream-filled milk bread from Ling’s Farm is sweet and filled with chewy rice cakes and sweet red bean paste, just as you would imagine. Abebe’s bread contains a lot of cream, but it is not greasy at all, and the sweetness is not overpowering, so anyone can enjoy it without any problem. I highly recommend it.


In conclusion, Jeju Island continues to create new tourist destinations, cafes, and restaurants. It is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination in Korea, with the highest number of coffee shops per capita, surpassing all major metropolitan areas. In this article, we have introduced a series of hot new travel destinations in Jeju Island, as well as recent popular spots on social media. Jeju Island’s appeal and growth are evident as it constantly evolves and offers diverse attractions for visitors. As someone who has been living in Jeju Island in tourist mode for two years, I have fallen in love with the island more and more with each passing day. Jeju Island and its people, nature and people, complement each other and will always be together. I hope Jeju Island continues to be a happy place. Thank you for watching this video.

Hot New Travel Destinations in Jeju Island