Explore South Korea’s Largest Metasequoia Forest at ????Daejeon Station

Hey there! Have you ever heard of South Korea’s largest metasequoia forest? It’s located at Daejeon Station and it’s a must-visit destination if you’re in the area. This natural recreational forest is known for its beautiful metasequoia trees, which create a stunning and unique landscape. In this article, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the forest, exploring its highlights and sharing tips on how to make the most of your visit. So, get ready to embark on a nature-filled adventure at Daejeon Station’s metasequoia forest!

As you explore the forest, you’ll be amazed by the beauty of the metasequoia trees. These tall and majestic trees provide a tranquil and peaceful environment, making it the perfect place to relax and unwind. Whether you’re a nature lover, a photographer, or just looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, this metasequoia forest is sure to captivate your senses. Stay tuned as we guide you through the sights and sounds of this enchanting destination, sharing insider tips and recommendations along the way. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty of South Korea’s largest metasequoia forest at Daejeon Station!

Arriving at Daejeon Station

Welcome to Daejeon Station! You have just arrived in Daejeon, a vibrant city located in the south of Seoul. Daejeon Station is the central railway station of the city, making it a convenient starting point for your exploration. As you step off the train, you can immediately see the Metro Daejeon station just outside the station. To get around easily, you can take the escalators down to the underground passage, where you’ll find an old model of the subway. From there, you can head up to the right towards the “Underground Mall in front of the Station.” Keep in mind that if you’re visiting early in the morning, the shops might still be closed. About 100 meters up along the underground shopping center, you’ll find Exit 10. This is the direction you’ll take, and you’ll even see a cute dog mural. Once you go up the escalator, you’ll see the bus stop right away. This is the Mokshu Bridge Bus Station, where you can catch the Daejeon No. 20 bus. The bus operates 10 times a day, and you can add about 10 minutes to the timetable for the departure from Daejeon Station. It took approximately 50 minutes to reach the bus station from the metro station. Now, get ready to immerse yourself in nature as you head to the Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest!

Explore South Koreas Largest Metasequoia Forest at ????Daejeon Station

Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest

Located deep within the forest, the Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest offers a serene and breathtaking environment. As you enter the forest, be prepared to feel the calming effects of nature all around you. One of the first sights you’ll encounter is the large ecological pond, known as the “Eco Pond.” It has a unique surface path in the middle that allows you to take beautiful pictures. On the right side of the pond, you’ll find the forest administration office. From there, you can follow a side road behind the office, which leads to a sign that says “Adventure in the Forest.” This is where the surface path called the “Skyway” begins. The Skyway stretches through the Japanese cedar forest at an elevation of about 10 meters. The towering height of the cedar trees, reaching tens of meters, provides an up-close view of the trunk. At the end of the Skyway, you’ll find a tall structure known as the “Sky Tower.” This structure resembles a building that stands about 10 stories high, with a height of approximately 27 meters. It offers a panoramic view of Jangtaesan Mountain and Hyeongjisan Mountain, which are within reach. If you happen to visit while it’s raining, the sound of the rain and the scent of the dense forest will create a truly immersive experience. There are stairs near the exit of the Skyway that lead to the recently opened “Jangtaesan Mountain Rocking Bridge.” This bridge spans about 140 meters and provides a new and charming experience. Though it may seem high, it’s easily accessible. To continue exploring, you’ll head back to the forest administration office and ascend the hill on the right. As you walk along the uphill path, you’ll see the beautiful Metasequoia trees appearing at an elevation of tens of meters. This is the Metasequoia Forest, the pride of Jangtaesan Natural Recreation Forest and the largest grove of Metasequoia trees in the country. The striking beauty of these trees is a major highlight of the forest.

Explore South Koreas Largest Metasequoia Forest at ????Daejeon Station

Exploring Jangtaesan Forest

Once you’ve reached the Metasequoia Forest, you can indulge in the therapeutic experience of forest bathing. Forest bathing literally refers to sitting or reclining comfortably to enjoy the forest atmosphere. The sound of water, rain, and the intense fragrance of the forest blend harmoniously, creating a soothing environment. It’s a perfect way to relax and rejuvenate. Next to the forest bathing area, you’ll find a small café and a forest shop. This is the only shop within the recreational forest, so take the opportunity to listen to the rain while sipping a cup of coffee. It’s a truly healing experience. There’s also a recreational center called the “Forest Cultural Center” located on the highest level of the forest bathing facility. If you’re looking for a quick snack or a souvenir, this is the place to visit. As you continue your exploration of Jangtaesan Forest, you’ll come across a hiking trail that leads to Brother Rock. This trail takes you downhill, and the path is well-maintained and accessible even in the rain. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the observatory in the middle. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings as you sit and relax at Brother Rock. If you continue to ascend after Brother Rock, you’ll reach Jangtaeru Pavilion. This pavilion offers a stunning view, and it’s a great spot for a quick snack or a meal. Listening to the sound of rain while enjoying the scenery is truly delightful. When descending, you can take a different path that leads to the Forest Center. This path is paved and makes the descent a bit easier. Along the way, you’ll find a stone tower in the middle. There’s also a shelter here. Did you know that a former president visited this shelter during a vacation? The views from the shelter are marvelous. You can even see the “Palmajeong Pavilion” clearly. After passing the stone shelter, it takes about a kilometer to reach the forest administration office. The path is paved, making it easy to walk. After approximately 20 minutes, you’ll start seeing the Metasequoia trees again. The restroom here is one of the most impressive in the country. It’s definitely worth a visit. From here, you can head towards the “House in the Forest” located within the recreational forest. It’s literally buried in the middle of the forest. For information about reservations and fees, please refer to the video. Of course, booking in advance is highly recommended. Just in front of the “House in the Forest,” there’s a massive Metasequoia forest. If the weather is favorable, it’s a perfect spot for a nap. After your hiking adventure, it took approximately an hour to descend to the Forest Center. Even after the rain, you can still enjoy the ecological pond, Mokshu Bridge, and the suspension bridge. You can have a clear view of the “Palmajeong Pavilion” from there. When you’re ready to head back, take the bus at 1:40 pm. Relax, rest, and recover for about four hours without any detours. The bus schedule is precise since it’s the last stop. Change into dry clothes at the restroom and grab a raincoat to wear. After your return, get off at “Daejeon Station.” It takes about 40 minutes. If you’re feeling hungry, head to “Jungang Market” near Daejeon Station. Finally, it’s time to return to Seoul. Take the 3:25 pm train from Daejeon Station. I hope this guide has been helpful for your travel plans. Thank you for watching!

Explore South Koreas Largest Metasequoia Forest at ????Daejeon Station