A Taste Test of 5 Popular Korean Instant Noodles

In the video by jellainkorea, a Canadian family taste tests five different popular Korean instant ramen noodles to determine which brand is the best according to their taste preference. The participants discuss their familiarity with the brands and their previous experience with instant noodles, and the taste test includes observations on spiciness, flavor, texture, and overall preference. The video reveals that Jin Laman and Samyang are the favorites among the participants, shedding light on the increasing popularity of Korean instant noodles and the unique dining tradition in Korea of adding rice to the noodle broth after eating.

In this captivating video, jellainkorea presents a taste test of five popular Korean instant ramen noodles, aiming to determine the best brand according to the preferences of a Canadian family. The participants provide their opinions and reactions while trying each brand, discussing spiciness, flavor, texture, and overall preference. Jin Laman and Samyang emerge as the favorites, indicating the growing popularity of Korean instant noodles and the tradition of adding rice to the broth after consumption.

A Taste Test of 5 Popular Korean Instant Noodles


Introduction to the taste test

Welcome to this comprehensive article discussing the exciting taste test of Korean instant ramen noodle brands. In a video by jellainkorea, a Canadian family participated in a fun experiment to determine which brand of Korean instant noodles they found most delicious. The video showcases their reactions and opinions as they try five popular brands of instant noodles.

Purpose of the taste test

The purpose of this taste test was to understand the preferences of a Canadian family when it comes to Korean instant noodle brands. By evaluating the taste, spiciness, flavor, and texture of each brand, the family aimed to identify their favorite and determine which brand they deemed the best overall.

Overview of the video

In the video produced by jellainkorea, the family members sample five different Korean instant ramen noodle brands: Shinaman, Jin Laman, ANM, Haman, and Samyang. Each brand has its own unique qualities and flavor profiles, and the family explores those differences in their taste test. The video captures their first impressions, reactions, and their final verdict on which brand they enjoyed the most.

Encouragement to watch the video

To truly experience the excitement and enjoyment of the taste test, we encourage you to watch the video produced by jellainkorea. This will give you a firsthand look at the participants’ reactions and allow you to form your own opinions on the taste of these popular Korean instant noodles.

Instant Noodles Brands

Introduction to the five brands

In the taste test, the Canadian family tried five different Korean instant ramen noodle brands. These brands represent a variety of flavors and styles, providing a diverse range of options for noodle enthusiasts.


Shinaman is one of the top brands in the instant noodle market and is known for its delicious and satisfying flavor. It has a balance of spiciness and savory taste that appeals to many instant noodle lovers.

Jin Laman

Jin Laman is another popular brand that competes directly with Shinaman in terms of taste and quality. It offers a unique flavor profile that sets it apart from other brands, making it a favorite among many consumers.


ANM is a brand that focuses on providing a less spicy option for those who prefer milder flavors. It offers a variety of flavors and textures to suit different taste preferences.


Haman is a brand known for its distinct smoky flavor. It offers a unique and memorable taste experience for those who enjoy a smoky and intense flavor profile in their instant noodles.


Samyang is a well-known brand in the instant noodle world. It is famous for its spicy flavors and has gained a loyal following of fans who enjoy the intense spiciness it offers.


Discussion of participants’ familiarity with the brands

In the taste test, the Canadian family members discuss their familiarity with the different Korean instant noodle brands. While some of them had never heard of the brands before, others had previous experiences with instant noodles, albeit from different brands.

Participants’ previous experience with instant noodles

The family members share their past experiences with instant noodles, mentioning brands they have tried in the past. Some had familiarized themselves with Western instant noodle options, such as Mr. Noodles, while others had limited exposure to instant noodles overall. This variety of experiences adds to the diverse perspectives brought to the taste test.

Taste Test

Categories evaluated

During the taste test, the family members evaluated the instant noodles based on specific categories. These included spiciness, flavor, and texture. By focusing on these aspects, they were able to provide a comprehensive review of each noodle brand.

Observations on spiciness

As the family members tried each brand, they paid close attention to the level of spiciness. Some found certain brands to have more spice than others, while for some, the spiciness was just right. Their observations on the spiciness helped them draw comparisons and determine their personal preferences.

Observations on flavor

Flavor is an essential aspect of any instant noodle dish. The family members carefully evaluated the flavor profiles of each brand, noting whether they enjoyed the taste and if it was distinct from other brands. This allowed them to identify the standout flavors and compare them to their previous experiences.

Observations on texture

Texture plays a significant role in the enjoyment of instant noodles. The family members paid attention to the texture of the noodles themselves as well as the broth. They discussed whether the noodles were firm or soft, and how they complemented the overall experience of each brand.

Overall preference of each participant

After evaluating each brand based on spiciness, flavor, and texture, the participants shared their overall preferences. They discussed which brand they enjoyed the most and why, taking into account all the different aspects they had evaluated. This allowed them to choose their favorites and determine the ultimate winner of the taste test.

A Taste Test of 5 Popular Korean Instant Noodles


Highlighting Jin Laman

Among the different Korean instant noodle brands, Jin Laman stood out as a favorite among the participants. Its unique flavor profile and balance of spiciness and taste impressed the family members, making it a top contender in their taste test.

Highlighting Samyang

Samyang, known for its spiciness, also emerged as a favorite among the participants. While it might not be for everyone due to its intense heat, those who enjoy spicy flavors found Samyang to be a standout brand, offering a memorable and satisfying experience.

Popularity of Korean Instant Noodles

Increase in recent years

Korean instant noodles have witnessed a surge in popularity over the past few years and have gained recognition worldwide. The unique flavors, easy preparation, and diverse options have contributed to their growing popularity among noodle enthusiasts.

Dedicated shelves in grocery stores

With the increasing demand for Korean instant noodles, many grocery stores have dedicated shelves to cater to this growing market. This not only showcases the popularity of these noodles but also makes it more convenient for consumers to find their favorite brands.

A Taste Test of 5 Popular Korean Instant Noodles

Rice Addition

Common practice in Korea

In Korea, it is a common practice to add rice to the noodle broth after eating the noodles. This adds a new dimension to the meal, providing a unique and satisfying combination of flavors. The addition of rice is favored by many Koreans and adds a touch of comfort to the instant noodle experience.

Request for Rice

Common request after eating instant noodles in Korean restaurants

When dining at Korean restaurants, it is not uncommon for customers to request a serving of rice after finishing their instant noodles. This demonstrates the desire to complete the meal with a starch element and further enhance the overall dining experience.

A Taste Test of 5 Popular Korean Instant Noodles


Recap of the taste test

In conclusion, the taste test conducted by the Canadian family provided valuable insights into the world of Korean instant ramen noodle brands. Evaluating Shinaman, Jin Laman, ANM, Haman, and Samyang, the participants shared their preferences and highlighted their favorite brands based on criteria such as spiciness, flavor, and texture.

Mention of the family’s favorite brands

Among the brands tried, Jin Laman and Samyang emerged as favorites among the Canadian family members. These brands stood out for their unique flavors and balance of taste, earning high praise from the participants.

Closing thoughts on Korean instant noodles

Korean instant noodles have gained popularity globally, and this taste test serves as a testament to their appeal. With dedicated shelves in grocery stores and a growing demand for these noodles, it is evident that Korean instant noodles have become a beloved choice for many noodle enthusiasts. So why not give these delicious noodles a try and embark on your own flavorful adventure?