???? Explore the Ancient Trail Course near the Subway Station!

Hey there! Today, you can easily access this amazing spot in just half a day by taking the train. We’re going to introduce you to a fantastic hiking course. The course we have for you today is one that we always come back to in the spring. It’s an easy trail to walk on because it’s mostly sloping and flat. This is “Sineun Station” on the Geonjgu-Jungang Line. You might not know the names of many people here. It’s a very small station, but the Namhan River flows slowly right in front of the station. The hike starts today on the left side of “Sineun Station”. If you pass by “Sinwon Station” and go a little further, you’ll see a tunnel on the right. There is a beautiful mural at the entrance of the tunnel. It’s all paintings related to the independence movement. The image is truly unique, isn’t it? If you pass through the tunnel and climb a little, you’ll see a special area on the right. It’s called “Myogol Aeowa Park”. * “Aeowa” means the house that this activist loved in Yangpyeong. It’s a memorial park for the teacher “Mong Yang Yu Won Hyeong”. The Taeguk symbol on the ground is very clear, isn’t it? “Mongyang Eorok-gil” continues above the park. Many sayings of “Yeo Woon-hyeong” are engraved on the rocks. There was also a beautiful resting area. The shade was so cool 🙂 There is a “Mongyang Memorial Hall” and his birthplace here. Despite its small size, the facilities look very nice. If you’re interested, you might want to take a look. After passing the memorial hall, there is a fork in the road. From here, go to the village on the left. The sign says “Entrance to Mt. Chiungsansan, Long-distance Walking Path in Buyeongsan Mountain”. If you go inside the small village, you’ll see the entrance to the long-distance walking path. As a reference, today’s course only has an incline for the first two kilometers of the entire course. After that, it’s just sloping and flat, so it’s good for walking. At the first long-distance walking path sign, you can go in the direction of “Buyongsan”. The incline is not too steep and gentle. It’s cool even in the summer because of the dense pine trees and juniper trees. There seems to be some shade there. Now that spring is in full swing, flowers are blooming everywhere. If you look towards the top of “Buyeongsan Mountain”, you can see “Chiungsan Mountain” from afar. I slowly walk along a small mountain road. You can think of the hill you’re walking on as the final climb. After that, continue downhill. From the peak, go downhill in the direction of “Mokwang-ri”. Even though it’s a holiday, it’s quiet, so it’s the perfect trail for a peaceful walk. At confusing intersections, it’ll be easier to follow the tape. If you go down a little, you’ll reach the dense pine forest trail. There’s a thick forest along the narrow road. Personally, this is my favorite section. Only one person can barely walk through the dense pine forest. The narrow road extends along it, and it seems as if the herbicides are flowing 🙂 Cross the small wooden bridge and continue walking along the lovely forest path. This is an easy path to walk on as it continues downhill on a gentle slope from above. We have now arrived at the entrance of “Mokwang-ri”. “Mokwang-ri” is a small village, but there are many rural houses due to its beautiful scenery and good Feng Shui. There is also a beautiful cafe. After passing the cafe, walk to the left along the road for a while. Isn’t this the famous spot for “Bisan Eomseo”? 🙂 If you go down a little, you’ll find a bus stop called “Mokwang 2-ri” on the left. Just pass the bus stop and go inwards a little. The narrow path continues to the left again. On this rock, a poem by “Haneum Lee Dok-hyung”, whom we all know well, is written. This course looks like it’s walking on a quiet and peaceful country road. Sometimes, I bow my head and pass by 🙂 And suddenly, an old, tiled roof house appears. This is the place where the grave and memorial stone of “Haneum Lee Dok-hyung” are located. It appears in the story “Oseong and Haneum” that we all know. This is a memorial to commemorate the merits of Haneum Lee Dok-hyung. And the grave is about 300 meters away in the mountains. From here, you can walk while listening to the sound of the clear water. After passing the memorial, the path continues again. There is a restroom after crossing the small wooden bridge. Please keep that in mind when you reach the pedestrian crossing, cross the street, and continue downhill. I walk along the quiet rural village of Yangpyeong. It’s a village called “Buyong 1-ri”. Turn right now towards the inner school. Just keep moving left in front of the blue building. Since it’s a holiday, the rural village is very quiet. From now on, follow the sign to “Dumulmeori Naru-gil”. And continue towards “Yangsu Station”. This is a flat, easy path where you can keep walking along the river. The Geonjgu-Jungang subway line passes by. Just cross the bridge below. The “KTX Ieum” train also passes by 🙂 Cross the bridge and head straight to the right. Walk along the railroad tracks and then cross under the tunnel. It took about two and a half hours to get here, which is about 9 kilometers. It was an easy walk as it was mostly sloping and flat. When you emerge from the tunnel, you’ll see a somewhat crowded city. This is “Yangsu Station” on the Geonjgu-Jungang Line. “Dumulmeori” and “Semiwon” are famous spots that are a short distance from “Yangsu Station”. It would be nice to plan the course in different ways 🙂 In front of “Yangsu Station” on the weekends, the “Yangsu-ri Traditional Market” opens. There are plenty of restaurants here. It was satisfying, a little late lunch. You can take the subway directly from “Yangsu Station” and return, but I want to walk a little further. Because there’s a view you shouldn’t miss when you come here. There are two parallel bridges in front. Next to the new bridge is the abandoned railroad bridge over the Bukhangang River. This bridge, already familiar to cyclists, is good for walking too. There are also parts of the floor made of glass. I feel a strange feeling as I walk under the rusting railroad bridge structure. The ability to cross the Bukhang River on foot is a privilege only available to those who have walked along this path. Cross the railroad bridge and then turn right. If you’re riding a bicycle, this is the direction to go to Chancheon. The bike path leads directly to “Ungilsan Station”. I walked a total of 12 kilometers today. There is just a hill at the beginning and then it continues downhill. If you want a comfortable walk, please walk in this direction. Thank you for watching today!

Start at Sineun Station

Welcome to the start of your trekking adventure at Sineun Station! Located on the Gyeongui-Jungang Line, this small station is a convenient starting point for your journey. As soon as you step off the train, you’ll notice the beautiful Namhan River flowing gently right in front of the station. It’s a picturesque sight that sets the tone for the scenic walk you’re about to embark on.

???? Explore the Ancient Trail Course near the Subway Station!

Explore the Myogol Aeowa Park

Just a short distance away from Sineun Station, you’ll find the charming Myogol Aeowa Park. The park is a memorial to the famous independence activist, Yeo Woon-hyeong, who was born in Yangbeyong. The park is adorned with various murals depicting the independence movement, showcasing the unique history of the area. As you continue on the Mongyang Eorok-gil trail that runs through the park, you’ll come across rocks engraved with inspiring quotes from Yeo Woon-hyeong. Take a moment to relax in the park’s serene rest area, enjoying the shade provided by the lush trees. Don’t forget to visit the Monument Hall, which houses various exhibits dedicated to Yeo Woon-hyeong’s life and achievements.

Hike towards Buyongsan Mountain

Leaving Myogol Aeowa Park, you’ll head towards Buyongsan Mountain, known for its beautiful pine forest. The hiking trail is relatively gentle, making it an easy walk for nature enthusiasts. As you make your way up, the dense pine trees provide a refreshing coolness, even during the summer months. Springtime is especially delightful, with flowers blooming all around you. From the summit of Buyongsan Mountain, you can catch a glimpse of the nearby Chijisan Mountain, adding to the breathtaking scenery. Take your time walking along the small mountain path, savoring the last bit of ascent before starting your descent.

Enjoy the Scenic Views

Descending from Buyongsan Mountain, you’ll continue towards Mokwang-ri, a small village known for its beautiful landscapes and traditional houses. Along the way, you’ll encounter a narrow path that leads you through a dense pine forest. This section is a personal favorite, as the forest’s peaceful ambiance and the narrow trail make it feel like a hidden gem. As you cross a small wooden bridge, you’ll be greeted by a gentle forest path that continues your descent. This part of the trail is relatively flat, allowing for a leisurely stroll while still enjoying the scenic surroundings. You’ve now arrived at the entrance of Mokwang-ri.

Visit Haneum Lee Duk-hyung’s Memorial

In Mokwang-ri, you’ll find an old tiled-roof house that houses the memorial and tombstone of Haneum Lee Duk-hyung. The story of Oseong and Haneum, which many people are familiar with, is tied to this place. The memorial serves as a tribute to the remarkable life of Haneum Lee Duk-hyung, and the tombstone is located about 300 meters up in the mountains. From here, you can take a peaceful walk, listening to the sound of the clear water flowing nearby. After passing the memorial, the path continues once again. You’ll find a restroom after crossing another small wooden bridge. Remember to use it before reaching the pedestrian crossing, where you’ll cross the street and continue your descent.

???? Explore the Ancient Trail Course near the Subway Station!

Continue through Yangbeyong Village

As you stroll through the serene Yangbeyong Village, you’ll soon arrive in Buyong 1-ri, another peaceful rural village. The path will lead you to the village’s inner school once you make a right turn towards the blue building. With its beautiful natural landscapes and traditional houses, Buyong 1-ri is a perfect representation of the quiet charm of a rural village. From this point on, follow the signs for Dumulmeori Naru-gil, as you continue towards Yangsu Station. This flat and easy trail allows you to enjoy a leisurely walk along the river. You’ll even encounter an overhead subway bridge from the Gyeongui-Jungang Line as you cross a bridge. Keep walking straight and enter the tunnel below.

Cross the Yangsu Station Bridge

Emerging from the tunnel, you’ll be greeted by a somewhat bustling cityscape. This is Yangsu Station on the Gyeongui-Jungang Line. Just a short distance from Yangsu Station, you’ll find the famous Dumulmeori and Semiwon. While you can take the subway directly from Yangsu Station to return, why not extend your walk a little further? There’s a sight you don’t want to miss when you come here. Right in front of you, you’ll see two parallel bridges. Next to the newer bridge is an abandoned railroad bridge that spans the Bukhangang River. This bridge, well-known to cyclists, is also a great spot for pedestrians. Some parts of the bridge even have glass flooring, which adds an intriguing touch to your walk. As you venture under the rusty structure of the railroad bridge, you’ll appreciate the unique experience of crossing the Bukhangang River on foot. Cross the railroad bridge, then turn right. Follow the railroad tracks and cross under the tunnel.

???? Explore the Ancient Trail Course near the Subway Station!

Explore Yangsu Traditional Market

After passing through the tunnel, you’ll encounter the bustling Yangsu Traditional Market. Known for its vibrant atmosphere, the market is a great place to explore and grab a bite to eat. You’ll find a wide variety of local restaurants offering delicious dishes to satisfy your hunger after the long trek. Take your time to immerse yourself in the lively market scene, savoring the flavors of the local cuisine.

Walk across the Railroad Bridge

Leaving the market, it’s time to embark on the final part of your journey. After crossing the bustling streets, continue walking until you reach a small railroad bridge. As you walk across the wooden planks, enjoy the view of the river flowing beneath you. This peaceful walk along the river will bring you a sense of serenity, allowing you to reflect on your adventurous day.

???? Explore the Ancient Trail Course near the Subway Station!


Congratulations! You’ve completed the 12km trekking course, filled with breathtaking views and cultural experiences. The journey started at Sineun Station and took you through Myogol Aeowa Park, Buyongsan Mountain, Yangbeyong Village, Yangsu Station, and Yangsu Traditional Market. The total distance may have been 12km, but the memories and experiences you’ve gained throughout this adventure are priceless. Thank you for joining us, and we hope you’ve had a wonderful time exploring this ancient trail course in Korea.